Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Impending Crisis

I see a crisis coming from each and everyone of us in the near future. It will be like none other that we have experienced in our life. It will be worse than the Great depression. We will lose it all. This I can guarantee to a certainty.

No, I'm not taking about the credit/mortgage crisis, I'm talking about death. The day when we lose everything. Nobody can take their gold or silver with them. Certainly not our dollars (which may be worthless soon anyhow.) I just wanted to put things into perspective. We tend to lose sight of the overall trajectory of our lives and obsess about the current events, such as the the financial crisis. In the end, like kohelet said, this is unwise. All the money we accumulate, in the end is worthless.

The reason I came out of my blogging slumber to post about this is because I've been focusing on the current crisis too much. I don't think it nearly over. I think we've only begun to see the financial destruction. But whatever happens, we must take advantage of the situation. Not by trying to profit materially, but by refocusing our goals and striving for what is greater than silver and gold. Our peace of mind and our virtue.

Best of luck and warm regards to all